Material, outdoor leisure bench because its environment is outdoor, so the material optional is narrower. More to hemp stone, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel pipe and other materials. Public places such as parks, residential areas, roadside roads and so on, so they are highly exposed and highly damaging (ultraviolet rays of the sun, weather-based corrosion, man-made damage, etc.), so they must be maintained and renovated regularly.

The park installs the seat to facilitate the visitor to rest the cool, so in the plastic wood and the preservative wood exactly which kind of material choice is more suitable to make the park in the seat? In fact, the price-performance ratio of plastic wood is definitely higher than that of anti-corrosive wood. Currently commonly used wood for outdoor installation, need to brush paint, materials and paint costs are not necessarily much lower than wood materials; In addition, ordinary wood in the outdoor service life is only 2-3 years, after which need to be replaced or maintained regularly, the later cost is very high, and many wood are fake products, fake imports.

Plastic wood service life is more than 5 times of ordinary materials, can be used for more than 10 years, maintenance costs are also quite low. The price of good quality plastic wood is a little expensive, but the maintenance cost after installation is anti-corrosive wood expensive, the use life of plastic wood flower frame is longer, the plastic wood type can follow the user’s request to embossing grain. It has natural texture of natural wood, and anti-corrosion and UV protection, no paint, maintenance cost is zero. Considering that the price of wood products is lower than preservative wood, it is better to make bench in the park or to choose wpc.