What about waterproof WPC deep embossed deck

The waterproof WPC deep embossed deck for balcony improves the ability of water resistance. It is well-known that the balcony is one of the most indoor contacts water after the rainy, and how to improve waterproof capacity is the common problem of all homeowners. To be safe, apartment balconies usually use bricks or other materials to build walls which are opaque, impervious to wind and increasing shadow area and evaporation difficulty. This situation is more obvious in areas with frequent rainfall which may induce mildew or even rot. The waterproof WPC deep embossed deck can deal with this trouble in such an environment and not to be affected.

How we use this kind of decking

The waterproof WPC deep embossed deck which is used in the balcony can be designed to improve the waterproof capacity of the balcony. Compared to the solid wooden floor with strong water absorption, the water absorption thickness of the WPC deep embossed deck covers less than 0.4%. Compared to the ceramic tile with obvious effect, it has unique diversion technology and a small amount of liquid will accelerate into the air. When the amount of water reaches a certain extent, the drainage system will be automatically imported and the surface liquid can be controlled in a timely manner which will not be soaked.

Why the WPC deep embossed deck is in hot sale

In recent years, the waterproof WPC deep embossed deck has been hot sold in the decoration industry, the sales status continued to be popular and won the unanimous praise of many customers. An increasing number of apartment owners are turning into selecting this kind of decking to replace the wooden floor.