Developing in the modern society, people’s request for the quality of life is improving constantly, whether it is living place or working environment, people will hope that it is comfortable and free from pollution. No one wants to live in a place that is dangerous to their health. So consumers in the selection of decoration materials will attach importance to this issue.

We need to know that the material used to produce plastic wood flooring is ecological wood, why it is called ecological wood, because it does not contain formaldehyde in the production process, and does not contain any material that is harmful to human body. It is a kind of compound material which is both safe and environmentally friendly. So in the selection of decoration materials now more consumers tend to plastic wood flooring.

WPC floor is the groundnut shell and other raw materials into powder and resin combination, and then through the high temperature conditions to press into a model, in the production of this product is not required to use adhesive, so it does not contain any harmful substances; But the traditional floor is not the same, such as solid wood or composite flooring process all need to use formaldehyde adhesive, formaldehyde is a kind of harm to the human body, So above this WPC flooring should be promoted more than traditional flooring.

Secondly, the WPC flooring does not need to be produced by cutting down a large number of trees in the afterlife. Its main material is the fiber of plants such as wood flour. This raw material does not produce dirty gas sewage when it is produced. Is an environmental-friendly processing process and products, so this pollution-free WPC floor should be widely valued.