The wood-plastic exterior wall panel makes the building look natural and beautiful, can withstand all kinds of bad weather, and is anti-corrosive and easy to install. No matter in the production process or in engineering and practical, it does not pollute the environment and can be recycled. It is an ideal environmental protection decoration material.

Vibrant visual effect, comfortable natural enjoyment: the exterior of the wood-plastic exterior wall panel is designed with imitation wood texture, with a simple and natural beauty, a variety of different colors, can be combined with other quality exterior wall decoration materials, varied and varied The combination of styles gives a perfect visual enjoyment.

Anti-aging, superior weather resistance, long service life: Wood-plastic exterior wall hanging board adopts special composite material composed of high-efficiency long-lasting anti-UV stabilizer, anti-aging, anti-radiation, can resist various bad weather, in each Under the influence of natural weathering, it can last for a long time, eliminating the troubles of slashing and mottled, repainting and renovating, so that your maintenance will be done once and for all.

The perfect combination with the insulation board is more energy-saving: the cooperation between the wood-plastic exterior wall board and the insulation board is seamless, and the inner layer of the hanging board can be extremely convenient to install the wall insulation material, so that the external wall insulation effect is excellent, and the operation is saved. At the same time as the cost, the insulation effect is more prominent.

Wide application range, easy installation and high comprehensive efficiency: wood-plastic exterior wall hanging board is suitable for villa, multi-storey, small high-rise and old wall renovation, no matter whether the old wall surface is brick or paint, it can be directly constructed on the old wall. . The installation process is quick and easy, and is virtually unaffected by the weather. The whole process of dry operation is firm and reliable, saving labor and time, shortening the construction period and greatly reducing the installation cost.

Wood plastic exterior wall board and exterior wall tile, paint and other exterior wall materials contrast advantages: outstanding three-dimensional effect, once and for all, no need to paint, do not have to worry about peeling off, good waterproof performance, better protection of the wall, insulation in the outer wall The construction red, external wall hanging board insulation system is not only simple construction, but also better thermal insulation effect. On the old wall renovation, the wall base layer must be treated directly to be directly constructed, dry operation, convenient and fast, environmentally safe. Wood-plastic exterior wall hanging board is the best choice for building exterior wall decoration. It will gradually become a substitute for paint, tile, aluminum-plastic board, glass curtain wall and other products, and become the main exterior wall decoration material.