PVC fences are used more and more in daily engineering installations, such as in residential walls, community gardens, community lakes, etc., not only at an affordable price, but also beautiful and practical. However, with the increase of demand, many PVC fence manufacturers have emerged constantly. How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of PVC fences has become a compulsory course!

The PVC fence has the following characteristics:

1. Profile quality and good quality of lining steel

2. Design and assembly, installation structure is scientific and reasonable

3. After the construction of the fence is completed, the connection between the board and the board is smooth, and the straight line should be in a straight line; there should be no gap between the board and the board, that is, the construction inside the field cannot be seen outside the yard, the red light is arranged along the line or the safety reflective cone is used for the partition. Warning at night.

4. Fence standard, the foundation foot is made of cement mortar to build the foundation of rock brick and brickwork 0.5*0.5, which is used to enhance the wind resistance stability of the fence; the PVC fence is set to 2.5 meters high and the width is 3 meters.