First, the humidity in the room should not be too large, keep the floor dry and smooth, use daily cleaning with a squirted cotton mop; in case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not scrub with an organic solvent such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline.

Second, the daily use of solid wood flooring should be avoided to avoid scratching the floor with heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, studs and other hard objects; do not drag the floor when moving furniture; do not let the floor touch open flame or directly on the floor High-power electric heaters; it is forbidden to place strong acid and strong alkaline substances on the floor; it is absolutely forbidden to immerse for a long time.

Third, in order to maintain the beauty of the solid wood floor and extend the service life of the paint surface, it is recommended to wax the maintenance twice a year. Wipe the floor clean before waxing, then apply a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface. After a little drying, wipe it with a soft cloth.

4. If large-scale flooding occurs inadvertently, or if it is partially soaked in water for a long time, it should be drained as soon as possible after discovery and allowed to dry naturally. It is strictly forbidden to use electric heater to dry or expose to sunlight.

5. Exposure to strong sunlight for a long time, or rapid rise and fall of temperature in the room may cause premature aging of the solid wood floor paint surface, and should be avoided as much as possible. Choosing solid wood flooring There are many misunderstandings about the choice of flooring. For example, consumers generally think that solid wood flooring is better than composite flooring. This view is debatable. Solid wood flooring has strict requirements on tree species and tree age. Fast-growing trees cannot be used for solid wood flooring. Generally speaking, the trees used to make solid wood flooring are over 80 years old, and one tree is less green when felled. At present, some foreign consumers are more willing to choose some color difference and some chaos when buying solid wood flooring, because they think this is natural.