An environmentally-friendly sheet, which does not cut a tree, and uses only straw, clam shell, sawdust, and construction waste to produce an environmentally-friendly sheet that is more durable than wood.This is the environmentally-friendly technology products produced by Shanghai Seven Trust Co., Ltd., which contributes to sustainable development with high-quality environmentally-friendly wood-plastic products.

This kind of plate can be sawed, nailed, chiseled, planed and glued like natural wood, which is convenient for secondary processing. It also has waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, flame retardant and environmentally friendly. The characteristics of poison and other alternatives to wood will greatly reduce the consumption of forest resources and help to retain our green mountains.According to the person in charge of the company, because the product has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture proof, and the compression and folding resistance is very strong, the plate will not be broken when bent into a circle. At present, these products have been exported to coastal cities such as foreign countries.

According to reports, due to the continuous growth of wood consumption, and the lack of resources, the contradiction between supply and demand of wood is very sharp.On the other hand, China’s annual waste plastics are about 2.4 million tons to 4.8 million tons, and plastic waste accounts for 1/4 of the total waste. Due to the lack of mature and reliable technology, the problem of plastic “white pollution” cannot be obtained. Effectively solved has become a problem in China’s environmental protection cause.

Our company saw this opportunity and independently developed PVC and plant fiber powder. The main sources of plant fiber powder are extracted from crop straw, chaff, bamboo and wood trim, grass powder, etc., which account for 50% to 80% of the main raw materials. Leading the same industry, at the international advanced level.Tested by the national authorities, the products have reached or exceeded the national standards. Compared with the top products in Europe, the wood-plastic products are not inferior.