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Shanghai seven trust industry Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which produces and sells outdoor leisure chairs, park chairs, outdoor trash cans, wooden plastic flower containers, garbage bins, wooden grapes and wooden pavilions. In the face of China’s entry into WTO, the market has entered a brand-new era of economic competition. Companies keep pace with the times, people-oriented, with the times. Committed to “love environmental protection, beautify the environment” production purpose; strict and complete quality inspection means, standardize scientific management system, unique product development, plus moderate prices, perfect after-sales service, products sold all over the world. The company’s employees are United, bold and innovative, specializing in the production of park benchs, trash bins, wood plastic flower boxes, wood pavilions, various specifications, unique and novel style, gathering the latest products and technical information at home and abroad. Spare no effort to develop clean products and environmental hygiene products market.

garden wood flower boxes

The company has outdoor environmental protection series products, trash cans, garbage bins, park chairs, wooden flower boxes, booths, professional manufacturers, indoor, outdoor, Classified collection and multi-purpose four categories, various shapes and specifications, customers cover commercial buildings, residential areas, urban blocks, star hotels, airports, factories, hospitals, schools and other industries.

Since the company’s main brand series garbage can products enter the market, with its excellent quality, novel shape, safety and durability, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and can adapt to adverse weather, as well as the product details and perfect pursuit, Has been widely praised by customers, has become one of the most reliable brand industry users, business all over the world.