Before laying the wooden floor, the wooden keel is paved, and then the wooden floor and the wooden keel are glued with a special adhesive. This is the paving way of the wooden floor that people are familiar with. The pavement of the wood-plastic floor is very fresh. Instead of a wooden keel, it can be replaced by a simple curved steel piece. This paving accessory instead of a wooden keel is called an elastic steel clamp and is used to connect two pieces. The installation fittings of the wooden floor block are embedded in the reserved groove on the back of the floor. When the two floors are pushed one by one, it will be firmly fixed. This paving method has the following advantages:

Effectively control the expansion and contraction of the floor: Because of the natural characteristics of the wood, the solid wood floor has the disadvantage of expansion and contraction due to the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment. The steel clamp installation system used in the floor can effectively solve the problem of using the floor. The phenomenon of expansion and contraction that occurs during the process.

Through the connection of the steel clips, the floor is formed into a unitary structure, even if it is expanded and contracted, it is uniform and minute, because the elasticity of the elastic steel clip itself provides space for the micro expansion and contraction of the floor during use, and also controls the floor. Swell and contract. Because of the natural elasticity of this steel clip fitting, the wooden floor has a good foot feel and is more attractive.

The installation is noise free and then used:

The traditional keel paving method requires fixing the keel and the ground with expansion screws, so the construction intensity is large, the steps are cumbersome, the ground structure is damaged, the subsequent secondary decoration is troubled, and noise is generated, which affects the neighborhood.

The steel clamp system is suspended above the ground and does not need to be fixed to the ground, which greatly reduces the construction difficulty and has no noise.

In addition, the steel clip system of the floor allows the floor to be suspended above the ground, which is easy to install and easy to disassemble. When rearranging the room, you can move the floor, or change the style of the floor according to your personal taste; you can take your beloved floor when you move.

Easy to operate DIY:

This fast steel clamp system can be directly paved on the horizontal floor, because without nails and adhesives, the package can be installed without any problems of thinner and dust, which makes people’s common impressions of complicated and complicated wooden floor coverings change. It’s simple, easy and fast. A piece of steel clips two floors, one push and one button, is firmly connected together, a bit like a play game for children.