Everyone has one’s own yard, or flowers in full bloom; or easy and simple; or a deep-walled compound, enjoy a hidden and quiet; or face the sea, take a sea and the sky.

Extended space of wooden terrace house

The wooden platform is considered to be a flat plane, similar to the floor, supporting the weight. But the wooden platform is often focused on the outdoors. The reason why it is loved is that it is usually linked to the building. The construction material can be any wood such as composite wood, mahogany or recycled wood.

If you want to add value to your house, it’s a good idea to install the deck. It can be part of the front or backyard landscape. It can also be used as a space for your house to expand, or it can be a beautiful courtyard or observation area of ​​a large building.

Elegant and unique design with simple lines and casual benches where you can overlook the distant scenery. Adding a flower stand and sitting around watching the stars at night is also good. This eclectic design will definitely make your outdoor focus. The cosy cottage from the garden. Wood, the surrounding woods, maybe this is really the true love of the homeowner. The design of the furniture is very unique, and the application on the walls and deck is a very fashionable idea. It’s much simpler than the previous introduction, it can be used as a balcony or as a room for living room expansion. This mix and match design, wood and stone together, is also excellent.