Nowadays, many families will build a small courtyard outside their house for a healthy life, plant some green plants or breed some small animals to add fun in life. Many home users can see it. They have been designed and not designed to be garden gardens. They are also some vegetation. Why is the difference in visual effects so great?

First, the placement of vegetation

Vegetation placement is a very important part of the garden. When placed well, it will give people a fresh and pleasant feeling. Pay attention to some tips. Vegetation can be placed at a certain level. For example, a creeper climbing a wall, a small tree or a flower can be planted on the side of the road, and a tall and tall tree can be planted on the outside to form a feeling of surrounding the entire garden. A three-dimensional sense of space that increases the space usage of the garden.

Second, laying wood-plastic DIY floor

In the garden, the paving of the tiles can also greatly enhance the ornamental. The custom type of wood-plastic floor or the turquoise-green grass floor is the best choice in the courtyard garden design. It is best to mix the materials and spread them on the ground to better reflect the texture and intimacy of the ground. On the other road, you can also put some pebbles on it. I believe many people have seen this design.

Third, furniture selection

In the courtyard garden, some furniture will be placed outdoors for leisure and entertainment. At this time, you can choose some rattan chairs or iron chairs. The iron chairs are generally durable, and it is best to paint them to prevent weather erosion. The iron chair is rusty, the rattan chair is more casual, and with some lace decorations, it can form a landscape with the surrounding plant fountain.