The simplest steps are as follows:

1. Find a soft water pipe or whatever, first circle the approximate shape of the pond on the ground.
2. Dig the earth and pay attention to the level around.
3. Spread a layer of wet sand on the bottom of the pond. (Mainly to prevent sharp objects in the soil from puncturing the liner).
4. Spread the pond’s special waterproof gasket (impermeable membrane) in the dug pond and fix it with stones.
5. Start filling the water.

In this way, a pond is built. No need for a bag of cement, a truck of yellow sand, countless bricks.

Add some decorations to the pool

We can also add some decorations around the pool, such as WPC fences, gazebos, or wood-plastic flooring, so that you can make a very beautiful decoration in your yard. Nowadays, such environmentally friendly decorations are very popular among many people, and this kind of product can be used not only in families but also in some large projects.

After doing these things, although it was very hard, at least a small dream was completed. Too many people’s lives are boring and uncreative, and occasionally linger in the glitz of the world’s surface with filters to decorate unreal imagination. It’s better to calm down, listen to what you want, and work hard to achieve it. That sense of accomplishment is unparalleled.