In addition to the artistic landscaping function, the garden courtyard design also has the function of use, which can directly meet the needs of people’s use, such as pavilions, corridors, chairs and stools, etc., for people to rest, cool and enjoy the scenery; the garden lights can provide night illumination, convenient Night leisure activities; paving can be convenient for walking and fitness activities; children’s play facilities can be used for children’s games, entertainment, and play;

In the courtyard design, the facade has the functions of partition, guide, lining, decoration and protection. In addition, there are other related products, such as various safety guardrails, fences, retaining walls and so on.

The form of the wall is also varied. Generally, depending on the material and the section, there are high, short, straight, false, smooth, rough, flawless and flawless forms. The wall is both beautiful and durable. Commonly used materials include turning, concrete, grate walls, stone walls, iron lattice walls and so on. The landscape often combines and changes these walls in a subtle manner, combined with other factors such as trees, stones, buildings, flowers and trees, as well as the intricate treatment of leaking windows and door openings on the walls to form a spatially orderly, layered, imaginary, real, and dark-changing view. effect. The facade is an integral part of the courtyard landscape.