In the Chinese market, the quality of ecological wood-plastic flooring is different, and the relevant standards of ecological wood-plastic flooring in China have not yet reached the standard of complete waterproofing, especially for the application of ecological wood-plastic flooring to the bathroom. The bathroom is the most humid and the place with the largest amount of water storage. If you want the bathroom to be paved with ecological wood-plastic flooring, you should pay more attention to the density and waterproof function of the ecological wood floor, and it is not easy to be deformed under the premise of damp. cocked, etc.Normally, The home decorating bathroom floor is almost entirely tiled. The superior performance of tiles is due to its waterproof nature, but it is also prone to ground slippage.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, bathroom decoration is becoming more and more popular. In the selection of bathroom floors, people generally use glazed tiles, ceramic floor tiles, etc., in order to waterproof and facilitate cleaning. However, in modern decoration, returning to nature has gradually become fashionable. Can the bathroom floor be paved? This issue is getting more and more attention.

Through market research, it is found that in people’s minds, the floor of the bathroom should not be used for wood flooring. The main reason is that people feel that the wood floor is easily deformed after being damp and the maintenance is troublesome.Now, because of the appearance of wood-plastic floor, in the developed countries, the ecological wood-plastic floor of the family bathroom floor is more common. Because the ecological wood-plastic floor has no chilly feeling of glazed tiles, it brings a warm and elegant feeling to people. The ecological wood-plastic floor for the bathroom is very demanding for the manufacturer. With the improvement of productivity, we believe that Chinese consumers can also lay high-quality ecological wood-plastic flooring in the bathroom.