How about well-designed WPC pavilion

A well-designed WPC pavilion is a freestanding and open garden structure which sometimes hexagonal or octagonal in shape with a roof. Most WPC pavilions are constructed of wood plastic materials that building in seating inside the sheltered area. In a garden setting, a WPC pavilion can serve as a focal point which can be used for viewing and appreciating. It also offers to provide shelter from the sun when you have a view of green nature.

History of pavilion

The well-designed WPC pavilion can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks built temples in public spaces that were surrounded by gardens, with marble pavilions in memory of gods and goddesses. While the WPC pavilions do attract attention, they were also built to offer privacy. Elaborate gardens of churches and monasteries used pavilions as places for meditation or to establish a shrine.

How you build this kind of pavilion

With residential properties decreasing in size, it’s hard to find a place to create a place to relax yourself when you are free. To establish a cozy hideaway on a smaller lot, add a well-designed WPC pavilion to your free area. By doing that, you can keep privacy and also can plant vines beside it.