What about luxury PVC fireproof decking

As with any other floor products, your main considerations are matching your house style, staying within your budget and knowing what the installation requirements will be. First select a color and grain that suits your space. Start with the existing colors of decking. If it is stained rather than painted, you can select a luxury PVC fireproof decking that matches the color and grain. It will bring you special visual feeling.

How we use this kind of decking

Measure the room carefully and cut your floor to fit. Spread adhesive over the entire installation area and roll the floor out starting from one wall. Press the floor into place with a weighted floor roller. Install trim around the outside edge of the floor to cover any gaps. PVC material is impervious to water and is known for its long-wearing durability. While much of the PVC fireproof decking previously manufactured was lacking in aesthetic detail, newer luxury PVC fireproof decking has very convincing colors, textures and patterns. It can meet all you need on the color in your mind.

How to install it

The luxury PVC fireproof decking is not the subfloor and much like laminate floor. Rather than having a locking joint along the long edges of the planks, each edge has an adhesive strip. Planks are placed started along one wall, with the adhesive strip away from the wall. Each plank is adhered end to end along the wall, with subsequent rows added on along the long edge. It also can be used to press the floor into place upon completing the installation.