The impact of low maintenance PVC decking

If properly installed and cared for, an installation of the low maintenance PVC decking can last for 10-20 years, far longer than most wooden floors and tiles. This saves on the waste and environmental impact of removing, disposing and replacing your old floors for decades at a time.

Lack of PVC material

The durability of PVC material is a liability when it comes to disposing of this material. It is not biodegradable and when it is sent to a waste facility it generally just sits there, taking up space for years. In some cases PVC materials are able to be used as liners for garbage dumps, allowing them to contain waste materials that might otherwise spill out beyond their defined perimeters. Unfortunately, different types of PVC material have different chemical compositions, often making them incompatible. But the PVC material manufacturing technology has developed further which makes the low maintenance PVC decking, it is used in many places and popular among people in many aspects.

Why PVC decking cause green problem

While low maintenance PVC decking continues to grow in popularity, there are a number of serious environmental concerns about the wood material. From manufacture, through installation and use, and even after its life cycle is over, PVC material has a bit influence to cause harm to your own personal environment, in a number of ways. While there is a lot of information supporting the fact that the production of PVC decking is harmful to the environment, the manufacturers of these products also make several claims which serve to put these factors into perspective.