The low-carbon WPC deep embossed deck

When high quality wood plastic products are famous among more and more people of all ages, when low-carbon WPC deep embossed deck is becoming more and more popular in the city, forest reduction and pollution of the environment are still issued a warning to us. How to meet people’s needs and attachment to wood, but also reduce the demand for wood and protection of natural forest resources is a vital question. The wood plastic materials are combined with a small amount of plastic and wood fiber which are good for living environment.

How we create WPC deep embossed deck

Mixed with a small amount of plastic components in products, the wood plastic materials can effectively remove the natural defects of wood which can be waterproof, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion and termite proof. Also, because the main ingredient is wood, the low-carbon WPC deep embossed deck can be sawing, planing, painting and not easily deformed or cracking. The unique production process and technology can reduce the consumption of raw material to zero. The WPC deep embossed deck was praised because of outstanding environmental features which can be recycled and is nearly free of harmful substances and poisonous gas volatile.

Why we develop WPC deep embossed deck

But after a few years of the economic development, wood plastic materials used in the domestic production situation is not optimistic, difficult industrialization of research achievements on the one hand, and on the other hand, the poor wood plastic material’s production company in China. Broadening of the field of use of the low-carbon WPC deep embossed deck, the further progress of wood plastic materials also needs further strengthening research.