Plastic wood flooring brings people a new visual enjoyment, plastic wood flooring in the rapid development of new products, now this society more and more new things, good things to see dazzling. China’s real estate industry is developing well, so the decoration and design industry is also developing very well.

In the past, people used to pay attention to a tall or beautiful decoration, but neglect of environmental protection and health, but now it is not, people pay more attention to environmental health. Plastic wood flooring is a new type of product that is built on the idea of people. It can definitely meet the needs of people today. It is a composite flooring, and its main materials are PE powder, wood flour and bamboo powder. After adding auxiliary agent and mixing at high speed, then granulating, extrusion machine is used to extrude the particles into profile. The process is complicated, but its advantages and practicability are very good.

Plastic wood floors are waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew resistant, insect-proof, termite-proof, and can be customized to color and shape according to their preferences, and can be used to build outdoor platforms such as parks and villas, as well as pollution-free, pollution-free and fire-proof. As a result of its series of advantages now plastic wood material product variety is also more and more, have wood plastic guardrail, wood plastic flower stand and so on.

The hardness of the plastic wood material can be compared with that of high quality steel, but it can meet the requirements of various forms. It has a long service life, no need for regular maintenance, and no special care, so it is now the first choice for outdoor facilities. Now some family decoration also used wood-plastic materials, I believe that the future development of wood-plastic composite better.